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Latest News

On Saturday, May 30th, ArtHome's newest project: ArtBuilt Mobile Studios will be a featured attraction at the Ideas City Festival at the New Museum. Our artist partners, The Peoples Paper Co-op, will be leading hands-on paper-making workshops, printing awesome posters and doing book-binding. Inside will be a great exhibit on their Expungement Clinics. Come check out the studio and say hi! (noon-6:00pm, parked on Bowery just below Houston)

On June 3rd, 2015, ArtHome will be discussing ArtBuilt Mobile Studios, a new program to create affordable mobile artist studios the vein of the Tiny House movement. (7:00pm @ Proteus Gowanus, 543 Union St., Brooklyn, NY, 11215) For more info

On June 4, 2014, ArtHome will converse with authors of The Social Life of Artistic Property, discussing the relationship between art and property (6:30pm @ CUE: 137 W. 25th St., NY, NY, 10001) for more info

Available Now

ArtHome now has three handbooks available in partnership with the New York Mortgage Coalition.

These Handbooks are designed to assist low- and moderate-income English, Spanish and Chinese speaking artists and independent workers gain greater access to first-time homeownership counseling services, work proactively to prevent foreclosure, and understand the steps and requirements in qualifying for a mortgage.

These Handbooks cover the New York City area and beyond. They may also be used by ANY low- and moderate-income individuals as resources for homeownership.

Featured Partner

ArtBuilt Mobile Studios are small mobile workspaces that let artists, social-service providers and micro-businesses work in new ways and in new places. ArtBuilt is a collaborative partnership between ArtBuilding and ArtHome. We design and build mobile workspaces; advance the mobile workspace movement; and transform where and how artists, social service providers and micro-businessses work today.